Public criticised Iqrar-ul-Hassan After Minar-e-Pakistan Incident

Iqrar ul Hasan reaching out to the victim after the Minar e Pakistan incident gets mixed views.

Public criticised Iqrar-ul-Hassan After Minar-e-Pakistan Incident

A horrifying incident took place on 14 August 2021, which shocked the whole country. The news had been trending about a woman getting groped by not just one but 400 men. The country was in an extreme rage after the videos from the terrifying incident got viral, and Iqrar ul Hassan was one of the first people to bring up the news publicly and reach out to the victim. Being one of the most prominent journalists, Iqrar ul Hassan is also a social worker; he ensured the girl gets encouraged to file an FIR.   

There’s an uproar on social media about Iqrar Ul Hassan’s media coverage during the meeting. 

Questioned are raised about the integrity of social responsibility. 

There’s no harm in reaching the victims for support in such a horrible incident, but there is a way to act around the victims of assault and ethics to tackle such situations. Iqrar apparently lacked in this situation.  

According to Iqrar Ul Hassan, he was there to give moral support and guidance over the issue but reaching the victim’s house while the videos are getting viral after a traumatic experience shouldn't have involved cameras, according to the people opposing this act. Since it was not done for any publicity, Iqrar Ul Hassan should have given a space to the victim instead of making her face the camera and answer some traumatising questions during the interview. There was no benefit in making the victim recall the horrendous situation she went through. 

In civilised mannerism, victim’s identity is not showcased publicly even if they are active on social media or any platform. The journalists in our country who are sensationalising the issue are steeping low in ethical and moral values. 



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