Public Criticised Ishq Hai On Projecting Forceful Marriage Proposal

It was just a drama scene until public noticed everything wrong with it .

Public Criticised Ishq Hai On Projecting Forceful Marriage Proposal
Minal Khan and Danish Taimoor

Dramas in Pakistan are the most popular form of entertainment for the viewers in Pakistan, similarly “Ishq hai” is a famous drama aired on “ARY”. The first few episodes did not explain much about what twist the story holds. Until the last episode that was aired on the channel made viewers change their opinion about this drama and rather call it problematic. Dramas and scenes are quick to grab attention of the netizens who give their opinions over something right or wrong. 

After Jalan and Nand, Big Bang production’s Ishq Hai is under fire. 

Netizens are strongly criticising the latest episode for showcasing forced marriage 

The drama has been produced by Dr Ali Kazmi and Fahad Mustafa. The directors are Aabis Raza and written by Rehana Aaftab.Minal Khan and Danish Taimoor are featured on the main leads. 

Minal and Danish

The viewers pointed out the scene where the girl (Minal Khan) was kidnapped and forced to marry her ex lover (Danish Taimoor) on gun point. The viewers previously criticised the controversial plots by Fahad Mustafa too. Viewers think that Pakistan is full of naïve public who could be negatively impacted after watching such scenes in the dramas and it is falsely influencing the audience to act in a certain way by giving them pathway or ideas. The scene influenced the audience with  vulgarity, manipulation, domination and women objectification according to the viewers opinion that could be one of the reason of common woman abuse in the society. Thrill and drama could be showcased in a better way and influencing the audience correctly when the producers are aware of the type of audience they are making these shows for. Undoubtedly the scene was performed nicely but the story is unethical and tragic for the influence. 

Minal And Danish


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