Public Is Scratching Heads Over Khalil-ur-Rehman's Drama

The script of the drama is creating controversy!

Public Is Scratching Heads Over Khalil-ur-Rehman's Drama
Juda Huay Kuch Iss Tarhan

Juda Hue Kuch Iss Tarhan is a drama currently sparking controversy simply because of its storyline. It’s a Pakistani drama produced by the very famous Momina Duraid under MD production. Khalil Ur Rehman wrote the storyline, and this was unexpected from a well-praised writer. People are confused about the intentions behind highlighting such a story in this drama made by such an honoured production house, writer and actors. We have seen Dur-e-afshan Saleem as the main lead, who talks highly about being picky over the scripts she works on, but this drama left people in dismay. We wonder how the creators did not question this content. 

The debatable content is based on the relationship, love and marriage between foster siblings, and we wonder why? 

Netizens have called out “Juda Huay” for a very unlikely topic. The drama is currently aired on Hum TV, and the questions were raised after the recent trailer of an upcoming episode. The promo taking rounds on social media is related to the upcoming episode, which will show a marriage between foster siblings. 

Channel And The Makers Were Extremely Criticised Over This Drama 

The serial is demanded to be banned by Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA). Public thinks there are many other topics in the society to talk about and spread awareness amongst the people instead of showing this taboo issue. Twitteratis are also blaming the writer and channel for promoting “incest” in society. The netizens are enraged over such a topic and also contending to boycott the whole channel for it. The trailer has been trending on social media, and it is believed that the subject of foster marriage contradicts religious values and spread indecency.


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