Radio Jockey Iman Azmat Accused Of Sexual Harassment

It Has Been A Bittersweet 24 hours For Iman Azmat

Radio Jockey Iman Azmat Accused Of Sexual Harassment
Iman Azmat

Famous Pakistani RJ and Event Host, Iman Azmat's world has turned upside down late Sunday evening. The MeToo movement in Pakistan is gaining momentum and leaving no stones unturned in its path. 

Iman Azmat, who is a Radio Jockey (RJ) for Radio1 FM91, on Saturday, happily posted about his marriage and shared a wedding picture with his followers. He received countless congratulatory messages but little did he know that his happiness would turn to despair very soon. 


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Last week, dozens of young female students bravely came forward and shared their horrific sexual harassment incidents at the hands of their male faculty members, at Lahore Grammar School (LGS). The response they received was overwhelmingly positive and that is a sign of things headed in the right direction in the country. 

And now, RJ Iman Azmat, mere hours after sharing his wedding photo with his wife, came under heavy fire from social media users as details started emerging of his alleged predatory nature. The RJ is being accused of allegedly harassing young women and coercing them into giving him sexual favors after establishing a professional relationship with them.

Twitter user SurkhiMinahil shared some details of her horrible ordeal. She shared:




Twitter users extended their support to SurkhiMinahil and lamented how depressing all these allegations must be for Iman Azmat's newlywed wife.

Several hours after the allegations were put forth against him, Iman Azmat took to Twitter and shared his statement. He denied all the allegations labeled towards him and said:


He then proceeded to threaten and take the case to FIA to prove his innocence:


What do you people make of the whole situation? Drop your comments below.

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