Raising Your Voice Is Difficult Than Suffering From Harassment, Says Meesha Shafi

The Singer Shared A Screen Shot Of Fake News by Indian media

Raising Your Voice Is Difficult Than Suffering From Harassment, Says Meesha Shafi
Courtesy: Samaa TV

Meesha Shafi said about the false statement published against her by the indian media. She also opened up that due to such false campaigns people remain silent.

Meesha Shafi shared a screenshot of Samaa TV's news, which stated the false report published against the singer by the British and Indian media.

The news item exhibited how the British newspaper 'Daily Mail' and several Indian newspapers had speculated in the legal opinion regarding a pending case of Meesha Shafi.

Meesha Shafi was wrongly reported by the British and Indian media that she is sentenced to three years in prison on March 15 in a defamation suit filed by Ali Zafar.


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On such fabricated news, Meesha Shafi, while sharing a screenshot of Samaa TV, said a new misinformation campaign has been initiated against her. Many people do not raise their voices against the injustice done to them, and they remain silent.

Meesha Shafi wrote that this is why raising voice is more difficult than facing harassment.

In her post, she added that she expresses solidarity with those who speak out and stands with those who speak the truth and create a secure future.

The case cited in the fabricated news is still pending in the Sessions Court of Lahore. And even the statements of the witnesses of Meesha Shafi and their cross-examination are pending.

The case has been pending in the Sessions Court for the past two years. 

The defamation suit was filed by Ali Zafar after Mesha Shafi accused the singer of sexual harassment in April 2018, which was rejected by Meesha Shafi.

Later, she had also lodged a complaint against Ali Zafar with the Punjab Ombudsman and the Governor of Punjab, but her applications were rejected on technical grounds.

Ali Zafar later filed a defamation suit against the singer, which is still being heard.

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