Reasons That Make Fahad Mustafa trend every now and then!

Written By Omair Alavi

Reasons That Make Fahad Mustafa trend every now and then!
Fahad Mustafa

There is always a method behind Fahad Mustafa’s madness, and that’s why the film and TV superstar is trending on Social Media every now and then. Be it a Showbiz XI match or his game show Jeeto Pakistan, his new TV commercial or his upcoming flick, Fahad Mustafa knows how to stay in the news, or become one when there isn’t any. If you are wondering makes him such an integral part of films, TV, game show, and pop culture, think no more. We sort of have an idea and we would like to share it with you. Read on:

Fahad Mustafa Steps In When The Film Industry Is Down

It was Fahad Mustafa’s stardom that helped Pakistan’s ailing film industry stand back on its feet and make a comeback. Don’t believe it? Well, had he not agreed to be a part of Na Maloom Afraad, things might not have shaped that well for director Nabeel Qureshi, and producer Fizza Ali Meerza. Someone else would have been there but to imagine another actor in Fahad’s place, hmmm, looks difficult. Then came Actor In Law which is perhaps one of the best films made in Pakistan during the last two decades. Add to that his stunning performance in the highest-grossing Pakistani film Jawani Phir Nahi Ani 2 and we have a superstar in our midst. He can dance, he can romance and above all, he can act as well. Who can forget the shocking Haan Tu Khuda Nahi scene from Actor In Law where he convinced the judge of the other party’s lack of seriousness in the issue, winning the case easily. Even today, when things seem bad for the local film industry, he is all set to make a comeback with Quaid-e-Azam Zindabad with the same team behind the Na Maloom Afraad franchise, Actor In Law and Load Wedding. Good luck hero!

The Best Game Show Host Around Is … Fahad Mustafa

He has been criticized for his unusual hosting style; many from the Social media police have targeted him for his ‘extempore’ comments on the show and many believe that since they don’t watch the show, nobody would. But even today, when Fahad Mustafa conducts the show, people are dying to get in. They know he will not give them free gifts like his competitors, humiliate them if they ask for it, but also that participating once will make them fans for life. From young boys and girls to adults, everyone wants to be part of the show and the lucky ones get a chance to be at the premises where the majestic Fahad conducts a show in real-time, twice a week, only to increase the frequency in the Holy month of Ramadan.

Fahad Mustafa Leads The Pack of Daring Producers

Fahad Mustafa turned producer at a time when production houses were not paying their actors on time and in some cases, not paying them at all. For the first few years, Big Bang Entertainment was the only production house that was not just good paymasters but also paid on time. That is until Covid-19 came into our lives and destroyed everything that came into the good category. Thankfully, things are returning back to normal and the same can be said Fahad Mustafa’s production house where he and Dr. Ali Kazmi are partners, where he usually goes for out-of-the-box one-liners and where actors feel safe both mentally and monetarily while acting. Yes, he might be the person behind the much-criticized Ishqiya, Hasad, Jalan, Nand, and other dramas, but hey, Aisi Hai Tanhai, Meri Guriya, Balaa, Cheekh, and Bandish were also his productions. Not only they did well, but broke records because of their different storyline and execution!

There Is More To Fahad Mustafa Than Meets The Eye

And just when it seemed that COVID-19 might have dampened Fahad Mustafa’s spirit, he takes out an ace from his pack of cards and delivers the LUX commercial with Mehwish Hayat. Not only are the two a hot film couple, but their chemistry is also enough to set your screen on fire and that’s exactly what they have done. While Mehwish looks radiant in the Chand Sa Roshan Chehra ad, Fahad Mustafa and his disco moves can’t be forgotten. He is the brand ambassador of many local and international brands, and LUX must have chosen him for his style, appeal, and above all, acceptance among their target market. Good choice!

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