Reduce Stress With These 3 Mindfulness Exercises

Many people around the world feel anxious but are often unaware about how to manage their anxiety. These simple exercises can help them.

Reduce Stress With These 3 Mindfulness Exercises
Reduce Stress With These 3 Mindfulness Exercises

Approximately 50 million people in the country suffer from mental health disorders, and among these disorders anxiety and depression make the significant number of cases.

While mental health is still considered a taboo in many localities of Pakistan, some people still have an open public discourse about it. This has helped many individuals to identify that they are suffering and seek professional help if need be.

However, having said many people still struggle to manage their day-to-day anxiety or stresses, and find it hard to calm themselves whenever faced with a difficult situation. They are either not equipped with the right knowledge or find it difficult to do so.

To help reduce stress, mindfulness exercises are the most recommended techniques by mental health practitioners. Mindfulness is a practice to become self-aware in the present moment. This helps identify our triggers and what behavior or our speech leads us to feeling a certain way – either stressed or free and calm.

Being mindful of not just the environment around us but our own selves can gravely help us in many ways. These simple mindfulness exercises can help you achieve that calm.

Intention Setting Exercise

All you need for this is 10-minutes every day in the morning before starting work. You can either choose to journal, practice meditation or read an uplifting book, whatever works for you.

And if setting an everyday morning routine is difficult because you are a night owl, then set aside 10-minutes in the afternoon or evening for yourself.

Deep Breathing Exercise

Practice deep breathing if you are feeling stressed or anxious. This will help relieve stress. So, whenever you find your mind being distracted or feeling anxious, take a few minutes out and inhale for four seconds and then exhale for four seconds. Repeat a few times till you find yourself feeling better.

Candle Study Exercise

A form of mediation, the candle study exercise helps your thoughts pass without any judgment for a few minutes. Light a candle and watch the flame for about 10-minutes, and let your thoughts flow freely.