Remedies For Pigmented Lips

Have Healthier-Looking Lips With These Tips.

Remedies For Pigmented Lips
Pigmented Lips

The dry wind brings dryness to our skin. It becomes necessary to take care of your lips too, for a healthier look on your face and obviously for better makeup. Pigmented lips are another issue that is often faced, which turn our face pale and take away the charm. The development of pigmented lips are due to the habits we tend to adopt. Hence, the remedies could be the key to the removal of pigmentations on the lips. Follow our hacks to lighten up dark lips. But first, let us tell you the causes of dark lips. Pigmentations on lips could just be considered as a bad tan. Constant sun exposure, smoking, dehydration and specific allergies could be the leading cause of pigmented lips. 

Sugar And Honey: 

Sugar And Honey

Use the most delightful scrub from ingredients at home. The honey and sugar scrub gives a lift to dead and unhealthy looking lips. Sugar will improve the texture of lips by removing the upper layer of dead skin, and honey will do its work to hydrate them. Mix one teaspoon of sugar with one teaspoon of honey and scrub your lips for a great result. 

Beetroot Juice: 

Beetroot Juice

Beetroot juice has all the natural nutrition to get rid of pigmented lips, and a natural pink stain is a plus point of beetroot. Just smash some beetroots and rub them on the lips; you have to leave it overnight for naturally pink lips. 

Milk And Pomegranate: 

Milk And Pomegranate

Pomegranate seeds have an effective portion that protects the lips from sun exposure. It is also an essential ingredient for preventing and curing pigmentations; milk will moisturise and bring back the natural colour. Grind some pomegranate seeds and mix them with one tablespoon of milk. Apply them on lips and leave them on for 20 minutes. Repeat it for one week regularly for the best results.

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