Remembering Nazia Hassan On Her 20th Death Anniversary

Remembering the Queen Of Pop

Remembering Nazia Hassan On Her 20th Death Anniversary
Nazia Hassan

When you talk about music in Pakistan, Nazia Hassan's name is the one that comes to everyone's mind instantly. Nazia Hassan defined Pakistani Pop Music in the 1980s and early 90s. 

The beautiful and ever-elegant lady was the heartthrob of everyone in the 1980s. She was one of the most popular singers, songwriters, and social activists not just in Pakistan, but the entire world. Apart from that, she was also a lawyer. to this day, Nazia Hassan is considered as the Queen of Pop in South Asia. 

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Music lovers across the country and beyond are paying tributes to Nazia Hassan and remembering the late singing sensation on her 20th death anniversary. Twenty fateful years have passed since we lost this graceful and elegant artist and yet, we all still remember it like it happened yesterday.

Nazia Hassan, together with her brother, Zohaib Hassan, gave us uncountable memories to savor in her career. She sold over 65 million records worldwide, which is a testament to how popular she was regarded.


She was one of the prettiest singers around the world, with a perfect and deadly combination of beauty and voice that used to take the listener into another world. Her single, Disco Deewane, made her extremely popular worldwide and she became the first Pakistani singer to make it to the British Charts.

Tributes are pouring in for the late artist who succumbed to an untimely demise due to lung cancer, at the age of 35.


Nazia Hassan's debut album, Disco Deewane, topped the charts in fourteen countries worldwide and became the best-selling Asian pop record up at the time.

She followed it up with albums including ‘Boom Boom’ and ‘Young Tarang’. ‘Hotline’ was her last album with Zohaib Hassan. Her last album, 'Camera Camera' in 1992, was part of a campaign against drugs. Nazia Hassan also engaged in philanthropic activities and was appointed by UNICEF as its cultural ambassador in 1991.



Nazia Hassan is also a recipient of Pakistan's highest civilian award, the Pride of Performance.



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