Rohail Hyatt Parted Ways With Coke Studios

He also left Coke Studio in 2013 after producing six consecutive seasons.

Rohail Hyatt Parted Ways With Coke Studios
Rohail Hyatt

Rohail Hyatt had launched Coke Studio in 2008 but separated from Coke Studio in 2013 after 6 seasons.

Seasons 7 to 10 followed, with the Strings Band taking over Cook Studios and saying goodbye to it in 2017, after which Ali Hamza and Zohaib Qazi produced Season 11.

Later, Rohail Hyatt returned to Season 12 of Coke Studios in 2019 and also produced Season 2020.

Rohail Hyatt

While answering the fans' questions on the social networking website Twitter, Rohail Hyatt opened up about the separation from Coke Studio.

Rohail Hyatt, who has never been more active on Twitter, seemed so active to users these days that a fan asked him if he was active on social media after taking Coke Studios' break.

He replied, "I'm sure Coke Studio is being planned, but I will not."

"Social media is the best place to find out who is neutral or biased," he said.

Rohail Hyatt added in a tweet that he was using it (social media) as a tool to measure his own imbalances.

Different views are being expressed as to who will produce the next season of Coke Studios after Rohail Hyatt.

When Zulfiqar (Zulfi) Jabbar was asked in this regard, he said that this could happen.

According to the report, Zulfi said that every year there is a strong possibility that a competent person will come as a producer, so this time it is possible that it will happen, and they will produce.

"Right now, I can only say that nothing is confirmed at the moment, but we never know. It could happen. Let's see what happens in the future," Zulfi said.

It should be noted that Zulfi had previously produced 'Hum Ek Hai' under the banner of Coke Studios.

Coke Studio is also releasing Pakistan Day Special this year which is being produced by Ali Hamza. He co-produced season 11 of Coke Studio, but it cannot be said definitively whether Hamza will take charge of next season or not.

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