Saba Qamar Reacts To Trolls With A Smile In Latest Video

The Pakistani starlet is her ‘unfiltered’ self in the latest video posted on her official YouTube channel.

Saba Qamar Reacts To Trolls With A Smile In Latest Video

The lockdown imposed by the government owing to the outbreak of the novel coronavirus has forced people to stay home. While some of us are working from home, trying to juggle the home and work life together, for others being home has stopped them from working completely.

For instance, all our favorite celebrities are quarantined at home without any shoot to be at as all productions have been halted because of the COVID-19.

This, however, has not stopped them from connecting with us through social media. Our celebrities are taking us into their lives and homes, to connect with us and the latest celebrity to do that is Saba Qamar.

Two weeks ago, the Pakistani starlet launched her official YouTube channel and shared the first video titled ‘Episode 1: Isolation’. The video took us inside the Hindi Medium actor’s house showing us glimpses of her life under lockdown with a thought provoking poem read and written by Qamar herself.

The video garnered much appreciation and now the 36-year-old is back with ‘unfiltered Saba’.

In the video posted on the channel yesterday, we are taken behind the scenes of the first episode with the Cheekh actor being her unapologetic and nonchalant self.

As she reads the trolls and their insensitive messages, Qamar laughs and takes the comments in a positive sense. Referring to the troll’s comment, the Baaghi actor says “I don’t mind.”

“The word means entertainer. It’s not a bad word, they should write something else,” she adds.

Titled ‘The Unfiltered Side of Saba Qamar’, the video has gained over 50,000 views and 3.6k likes. Many of her fans have left uplifting messages for the star.

“Love the way she handles with the useless hate, that’s how we want women to be. More power to you,” said a fan.

The video not only shows the casual, fun side of the diva but also shows her acting prowess as she transitions from one scene to another.

We cannot wait for more such videos of the superstar.