Saba Qamar Tackles Mental Illness In Harrowing New YouTube Video

Saba Qamar Gets Real About Depression And Mental Illness

Saba Qamar Tackles Mental Illness In Harrowing New YouTube Video
Saba Qamar

Saba Qamar is not one to shy away from speaking her mind and tackling topics which are still unfortunately considered as taboo in our society. With her official YouTube channel, which by the way, has garnered 164,000 subscribers in just a couple of months of its launch, Saba Qamar has found a platform where she won’t be silenced and regulated by any authority.
Following the theme of her previous three videos in which she has successfully tackled misogyny, fake news, and seclusion, Saba Qamar has now tried to raise awareness about mental health and clinical depression in her fourth video.
Judging by the overwhelming response which the Hindi Medium actress has received, one can easily say that Saba Qamar has finally found a platform in YouTube, where she can openly speak her mind, without getting silenced and judged by the haters.
The recent suicides of well-known celebrities, Sushant Singh Rajput, Anam Tanoli, Quratulain Ali Khan, and Rushaan Farrukh, prompted Saba Qamar to raise awareness about mental health and depression.

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Saba Qamar’s YouTube Video On Mental Health

The 6 minute and 38 seconds video opens with what can only be described as shots of a very clearly depressed looking Saba Qamar, shedding a tear. A monologue in Saba’s voice says, “Aur kitni janain lenge hum? (How many more lives will we take?) Anam Tanoli, Rushaan Farrukh, Quratulain Ali Khan, Sushant Singh Rajput, and so many more people like them. When will we learn to see a human being for what he/she is? Why do we talk about someone’s looks? And when we can’t find any flaw in the looks, then we start targeting their character.”

The prominent actress goes on to ask the viewers as to why we consider certain people beneath us? 

“Sometimes their status, sometimes their voice and sometimes we even go on to make jokes about their mere existence.”

Saba Qamar poses a serious question to the viewers and asks them if they have ever considered how their one word, one sentence, one troll remark can ruin someone’s entire life? She advises people not to interfere in anyone’s private matters and to think twice before spewing any hate-filled remarks about someone.
The actress has just about had enough by the end of the video and asks the viewers, “KitniJanain Lo ge? KabSamjho Ge? (How many more lives will you take? When will you learn?)

Depression is real and there are people suffering in silence. It is our duty to check up on them and be kind to one another. Sadly, social media bullying, nepotism, hateful comments, anxiety, stress and abuses can lead anyone towards severe depression. Be kind and considerate.

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