Sadaf Kanwal Is Now Setting Up Her Own Clothing Line

Are you excited to witness her fashion sense for Pakistani women?

Sadaf Kanwal Is Now Setting Up Her Own Clothing Line
Sadaf Kanwal

For the past month, Sadaf Kanwal had her name on every media channel, and even it was trending on social media just because of a controversial statement where she talked about feminism and how her husband is her “culture," netizens were split up about her statement. Some agreed about what Sadaf Kanwal had to say, and some completely opposed her words. However, the model turned actress decided to use the fame positively. She is turning it into a business by introducing her very own fashion line. 

Her brand will be named as “Sadaf Kanwal," as it is revealed on Instagram by the model herself. She disclosed that she is really “proud” to announce her very own venture. The model did not reveal further details besides the name of the experience; fans are excited to see her vision of fashion for the women of Pakistan. 

Shehroz Sabzwari's enthusiasm for his wife’s new venture

Shehroz has been supportive towards Sadaf throughout the controversies they faced since they got married. Recently, he came in support of Sadaf Kanwal, claiming that feminism is misleading the women of Pakistan. Well, again, the “husband” is proudly cheering up his wife and supporting her new venture. Shehroz also shared his sentiments over his wife’s upcoming fashion line and called it “A venture close to our hearts.” 

Celebrities came forward to support Sadaf Kanwal as she posted the news. Hira Mani, Pavitra Punia, and Sana Javed also commented on the post to congratulate Sadaf Kanwal on her upcoming fashion line and said that they couldn’t wait for it to come out. 


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