Salman Khan Hosted Bigg Boss 14: Delayed Due To Heavy Rains

The show was supposed to premiere from September!

Salman Khan Hosted Bigg Boss 14: Delayed Due To Heavy Rains
Salman Khan as a host of the latter Reality show for 11th time!

Salman Khan hosted Bigg Boss 14 has been delayed for a month due to heavy showers in Mumbai which resulted in the repair work delay.

According to an insider who revealed that the set was effected due to the heavy showers in Mumbai this year, “The channel and makers are forced to push the show by a month as the repair work of the set was affected due to heavy rains lashing Mumbai in the past week.”

Giving an insight about the set the insider said, “The rains have delayed the repair work and the set is not yet ready for the contestants.”

Revealing the new date for the premiere of the show he added, “Keeping all the precautions and everything in mind, the reality show is now being postponed to October."

Another private source opened up about going live with the show this year but it is not yet finalized.

Earlier, the superstar mentioned in a teaser the change in format and how the scene will be reversed in this 2020 edition.  


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Adding more information, Bigg Boss 14 will be shot in the same Season 13’s house. Thanks to COVID-19, Salman will be hosting the weekend episodes from his Panvel farmhouse as a precautionary measure. Giving a hint to this, a teaser was released in which the Dabangg star was seen farming and stating that due to the lockdown things are changed and so as the show’s format.

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