Sana Fakhar Has A Message For All Her Trolls

Sana Fakhar Takes To Social Media After Trolls Abuse Her!

Sana Fakhar Has A Message For All Her Trolls
Sana Fakhar

Pakistanis have a lot of free time on their hands and they use most of it handing out unwanted judgments and opinions on others on social media. Recently, television and film star Sana Fakhar fell victim to the same level of bullying and abuse and she handled it all with grace and dignity.

Sana Fakhar also gave a befitting reply to her trolls after she became the talk of the town when she posted an intimate picture with her husband on Instagram. 

Wishing her better half on his special day, the actor shared three pictures of them together, with the caption:

"Thank you for reminding me how butterflies feel. Many happy returns of the day."

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The candid pictures of Sana Fakhar and her husband made quite a buzz on social media as in one of the photos, the couple could be seen kissing.


A post shared by Sana Fakhar (@sana_fakhar)

That gave an opportunity for online trolls to come to life and start dissecting the images. The moral police caught up on it rather quickly as many went on to call out the actor demeaning names and slut-shamed her. 

Sana Fakhar addressed the abuse head-on and replied to her trolls on an Insta Live video:

"I can understand your pain and agony. But what is it that you didn't appreciate? The 'act'? Or the person I did the said act with? It was too much. But thank you, though. I think criticism is your right. Whatever you wanted to say, you did. But it's fine."

She added:

"What you say, the kind of words you use, really says a lot about how you have been brought up. I was called names, abused over a picture. But I received love more than hate. And I do believe that even criticism is a form of love. It's just a part of life."


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 She continued:

"Haters don't exist in my life. I only have love around me. I even have respect for people who discuss anything about me. Whatever you share, please do. I don't mind. You have that access into my life and I am the one who gave you the said access. We aren't angels. It's not the end of the world if you abused me."

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