Sanam Jung Revealed The Reason For Not Living With Her Husband

Sanam Jung Appeals To Her Fans To Refrain From Spreading Rumors

Sanam Jung Revealed The Reason For Not Living With Her Husband
Sanam Jung and Ahsan Khan

Actress Sanam Jung gave an explanation on the news related to her divorce.

The question posed by Ahsan Khan in his show 'Time Out with Ahsan Khan' about why did she need to explain the news about her divorce?

sanam jung with qassam

Morning show host Sanam Jung replied that she discussed this issue because there were problems arising in their house due to this false news. Also, her mother-in-law started receiving calls about it. 

Sanam Jung said, "My husband in the US also got such calls which upset him and asked me about these rumors. Not only that, my relatives, specially the family, started raising their concerns. I had to explain because the matter was getting very serious."

The Qarar actress said, "Everyone is worried about why Qassam and I don't live together. There is a long story behind why we don't live together, and she can't tell everyone. He lives there for his job and will be shifting there soon."

It should be noted that last month, news of actress Sanam Jung's separation from her husband Qassam was circulating on social media, on which Sanam Jung had said that she was living a happy life with her husband and even if we ever get divorced, it would be because of people. She also iterated that it is better to refrain from spreading such rumors.

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