Secrets Of Aiman Khan’s Flawless Skin Revealed!

Secrets Of Aiman Khan’s Flawless Skin Revealed!
Aiman Khan

Aiman Khan unloads on her easy skin care routine that all of us stan! 
It wouldn’t be wrong to say actress Aiman Khan is the biggest celebrity in pop culture today because of her huge and ever growing following of 7million on Instagram.

She has not only won hearts in her television appearances but she is also socially very well connected with her audience on many platforms, Instagram being the most important. Aiman is married to Muneeb Butt and they have a beautiful baby girl together , whose pictures we often get to see on her profile!

Aiman Khan and Muneeb Butt

Another thing that the fans totally love is her fresh faced look, sometimes also completely without make up and everyone is curious to know how she manages a supple skin , even skin tone and texture.

In a recent live Q/A with fans, Aiman Khan revealed her skin care routine that comprises of the simplest things that one could either find at home or buy in an economical price from nearby stores.

Her first trick to keep her skin hydrated and rejuvenated is Aloe Vera gel, Aiman Khan swears by this product. She says her daily skin care comprises of using AloeVera gel on her face , which can either be taken fresh from the plant or bought from a shop that sells organic products.

Aiman Khan also explained how she relies heavily on scrubbing, moisturizing and toning her skin with all natural products.

Aiman Khan

Aiman Khan told her audience her favorite brand is the Body Shop and most of the skin care products she uses are from that brand. Aiman spoke about her skin breaking out because of the make up usage every day for shoots and why she feels it’s important to put natural or organic products on her skin to heal it and bring it back to life.

Another secret Aiman Khan spilled is her hair care routine , which believe it or not, is pretty much the same thing our elders have told us multiple times and we often ran away from! Can you guess? Yes! An oil massage every few days! Aiman explained to her Instagram followers the trick of keeping hair healthy, even if you frequently use heat on hair (like straightening, blow drying etc) or use hair serums and sprays. Aiman Khan said it’s not easy to keep hair healthy just by using a good shampoo and conditioner because the constant heat damages hair, hair require deeper conditioning to bring them back to looking luscious and shiny and for that she oils her hair 2 to 3 times a week.

Aiman Khan

Also, last but most certainly not the least Aiman Khan made it a point to tell everyone that eating right and drinking lots and lots of water can translate to great skin and hair. Aiman Khan stressed how important it is to eat healthy and keep yourself hydrated.

Hope you find these tips helpful and add them to your skin and hair care routine too!

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