Selena Gomez Aced the Look In These 5 Hairstyles

Get Hairstyle Inspiration From Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez Aced the Look In These 5 Hairstyles
Selena Gomez Aced the Look In These 5 Hairstyles

Selena Gomez needs no introduction as she is a versatile personality with many different capabilities. She is an actress, a singer, musician and a dancer too. In short, she is a complete power-packed package.

Though, there are few people in this world who likes to try out anything new. Selena is also among those people who dare to try something different. Let’s pick that one side of Selena today, which she carries beautifully. Can you guess what is it? It’s her hairstyling! Every time the actress gives us new hairstyle goals and we simply adore it. Well, you can also pick a suitable one for yourself too.

1. Selena’s Braided Long hair

Long lustrous hair in a casual messy braid, dark wine lipstick completely suits her complexion. Who can look more charmer than Selena in this picture as her long neat side-swipe bangs frame her face beautifully?


2. Selena’s  Sleek Low Pony With An Accurate Side Part

Her look from a dinner event shows that the young celeb is ready to bang. She always tries on the brightest new trends just like this one, the low pony with a side part and the fringe trend in white sartorial. Both are a current interest presently and will be popular in 2020.


3. Selena’s Sleek Long hair

The singer’s sleek and lustrous black shiny hair is a vision to watch as she tames her natural texture into a straight silky look.


4. Selena’s classic Straight Bobs

The neat one-length bobs simply compliments Selena’s pretty face. The highlights enhance the glow and leave a mark on people’s hearts.


5. Selena’s New Look

Experiencing a whole new fashion change, Selena undergoes a hair transformation by dyeing her hair blonde. The good thing which she done to protect her new hair is that she has left her roots black. Well, that’s pretty sensible!