Self-Care Spa At Home

It's Time To Relax Ladies

Self-Care Spa At Home
Spa At Home

A quality stay-at-home time gets better when you can do a spa day at home. Nothing gets better than spending time with yourself and treating yourself well has a different kind of experience. The satisfaction gets better when you know you are saving bucks in your pocket rather than spending them at the saloon. 

Nail care:

Nail Care

Clean nails are necessary for a neat look. Use a nail polish remover at first. After cleaning the nail polish, neatly cut the nails. A nail filer can be used to shape the nails with desired cut and shape. 

Start with pedicure and manicure: 

Nail Polish

Our hands and feet need undivided attention at least once a month. Our feet and hands tend to get rough and dry from constant walking, poor skincare, and weather impact. But it’s never too late to give yourself a good pedicure at home. You can start with relaxing your feet in some warm water basin and hands in a small tub, with added salt, lemon juice, some mild shampoo, and any essential oil. You can soak in as long as you want to relax. This is undoubtedly the favorite part. 

Scrubbing the dead skin: 

Scrubing The Feet

Once you are done with dipping in hand and feet in a bath, you can move on to scrubbing after drying them. The scrub will help you to get rid of all the dead skin. Gently exfoliate around the heels; that’s where the dead skin hits the most. 

Moisture for nourishments: 


Hydration is a basic necessity of your skin from head to toe. Give proper moisture to your hand and feet to soften them. Moisturiser will prevent any cracking of heels too. You can paint the nails to add some life to your hand and toes.

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