Shaan Shahid Criticizes PTV Over Lack Of Quality Content Being Produced

Shaan Shahid MAkes His Feelings Heard!

Shaan Shahid Criticizes PTV Over Lack Of Quality Content Being Produced
Shaan Shahid

Leading Pakistani actor Shaan Shahid has been in the limelight recently over various topics ranging from Ertugrul airing on PTV to voicing his opinion on the content being produced locally. The actor is not one to shy away from speaking his mind and he has done so again.

Shaan's remarks may come across as controversial at times but he speaks from the heart and always wants what is best for Pakistan. He has always rejected starring in Indian movies out of loyalty to Pakistan and its film industry and for that alone, he deserves every Pakistani's respect and admiration. 

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The veteran actor has been away from the television and the big screen for quite some time and his return has been delayed by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic as well. However, he always manages to stay in the spotlight for his views, expressions, and judgments. Recently, in an interview, Shaan made a few remarks about Prime Minister Imran Khan, his government, and how the content being produced on television should be controlled.

Shaan is a vocal supporter of Imran Khan’s government and has always defended the current government on social media. He said that the leader should be given more time to prove his potential.

"I am not from PTI or any other political party. The race is not yet finished. Give him (Imran Khan) enough time to prove himself. As a Pakistani, I feel that this (PTI government) is the last hope for democracy in the country."

The Waar superstar shared how the employees at the state-run channel PTV, should really ‘wake up and do their jobs.’

His comments come amid a ban by Pemra to censor the content of privately owned channels and social media.

Shaan Shahid Criticizes PTV Over Lack Of Quality Content Being Produced

"These are private channels. You can’t control the content of private channels. They will make what they think is right. But, you’ve got a channel that’s beyond satellite and that’s PTV."

The Operation 021 star went on to further comment:

“If PTV was producing what the Prime Minister thinks should be produced. I want to see that content. I don’t know who’s doing the programming in PTV, but whoever it needs to wake up and do his job.”

 The movie star shared a poster of his upcoming movie Zarrar:

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