Shahroz and Sadaf Sabzwari All Set To Star In a New Telefilm Together

The newly wedded couple broke the news on social media

Shahroz and Sadaf Sabzwari All Set To Star In a New Telefilm Together

The past few months have been topsy turvy for Shahroz Sabzwari and his newly wedded wife, Sadaf Sabzwari. After receiving a barrage of online abuse from people over the falling out and eventual divorce with his ex-wife Syra, the Ghar Jamai actor recently announced his marriage with Sadaf Sabzwari (previously, Sadaf Kanwal), during the lockdown.

The happy couple was forced to turn off their Instagram comments in order to avoid further abuse from online trolls and social media moral police. However, some people did come to their defense. 

Shahroz and Sadaf Are Coming Back On Screen, Together!

The stars all but confirmed through their social media about appearing together in an upcoming project and the response from the public is both positive and negative, which is to be expected.

Shahroz took to his Instagram to upload a selfie with his new wife, on his Instagram story, that showed both stars in character, on the set of their upcoming telefilm.

Alongside Shahroz and Sadaf, the telefilm will star Javed Sheikh. The name of the telefilm has not yet been disclosed but we are told that it will be based on a screenplay by Faisal Sherazi. 

The telefilm will most probably air on Eid-ul-Adha on ARY Digital. However, a specific date for its airing has not yet been disclosed. 

Let us know what you think about Shahroz and Sadaf working together. Do you think they will be able to weather the storm and repair their slightly tarnished image with this project?

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