Shahroz, Syra, And Sadaf Handle Divorce And Marriage Matters Well, Says Shehzad Sheikh

Momal and Shehzad Sheikh joined Ahsan Khan in Time Out With Ahsan Khan

Shahroz, Syra, And Sadaf Handle Divorce And Marriage Matters Well, Says Shehzad Sheikh
Momal Sheikh and Shehzad Sheikh

Shehzad Sheikh- son of the legendary actor Javed Sheikh says, Shehroz Sabzwari, Syra Yousaf, and Sadaf Kanwal handled their divorced and marriage matters well.

Actress Momal Sheikh and her brother Shehzad Sheikh discussed the divorce issue between Syra Yousaf and Shehroz Sabzwari in a TV show and called their behavior very responsible.

The two actors talked about the divorce of Syra Yousaf and Shehroz Sabzwari in Time Out with Ahsan and also about Sadaf Kanwal being criticized by the people for marrying Shehroz.

According to Shehzad Sheikh, Syra Yousuf, and Shehroz are the best human beings. They also handled their divorce responsibly.

Syra and Shehroz in bath tub

Agreeing with his brother, Momal Sheikh said that Shehroz and Syra are excellent people with big hearts, and in the same way, they dealt with their divorce matters.

Simultaneously, Shehzad Sheikh said that Sadaf Kanwal also tolerated the criticism against her responsibly and handled it well.

Momal Sheikh said that just like Syra and Shehroz, Sadaf Kanwal also has a good heart and a charming personality, and she handled the issues in the best way by enduring criticism on herself.

Shehroz and Sadaf

Momal Sheikh said that the divorce of Syra and Shehroz was a personal matter, but there was a lot of noise about it.

Momal Sheikh also spoke about Pakistani showbiz's problems in a humorous manner and complained that actresses in showbiz do not get good roles and opportunities after marriage, especially after becoming a mother. In contrast, the actor becomes a hero even after becoming a father.

Shehzad Sheikh and host Ahsan Khan said that this is a false claim because women like Iqra Aziz, Mahira Khan, Sanam Jang, and Syra are coming as lead actresses.

Momal Sheikh said that most of them appear in dramas, and she is talking about movies. However, Mahira Khan appears as a heroine despite being a mother of a child.

Continuing Momal Sheikh's talk, Ahsan Khan told her that when your children grow up, you will also get roles in films, to which the actress laughed and said, "Yes, at that time they are Ahsan Khan's sister-in-law.

The two also talked about showbiz and their home, and Shehzad Sheikh revealed that he stayed at home full time in the lockdown last year and remained unemployed while Momal Sheikh took money from Instagram while sitting at home.

In response to a question, Momal Sheikh said that she is dearest to her father, Javed Sheikh but Shehzad Sheikh also claimed that he is dearer to his father.

Momal Sheikh expressed her desire to dance in a film or award show because she loves to dance, while Shehzad Sheikh said that his sister is a good dancer.


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