Shahveer Jafry Gave a Surprise Ride To Noor Zafar Khan In A BatMobile

What’s cooking between Noor and Shahveer?

Shahveer Jafry Gave a Surprise Ride To Noor Zafar Khan In A BatMobile
Noor Zafar Khan and Shahveer Jafry: New Couple in Town?

Noor Zafar Khan (sister of Sarah Khan) and Shahveer Jafry have got everyone’s attention as they are seen almost everywhere together. This time they were caught on camera when Shahveer picked Noor from her home in a BatMobile.

noor batmobile

In a recent vlog by Shahveer Jafry, where he was seen driving a BatMobile to Noor’s home. Actually, it was a friend’s batmobile but Shahveer borrowed it for some time to exude it to his friend ‘Noor’.   


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Earlier, it was rumored that the two cuties are dating each other as they are always together whether it is Jafry’s vlogs or Noor’s family pictures.

noor sarah

Recently, in her Instagram question answer session, Noor was asked the most anticipated question. Can you guess what could it be? Yes, the question was about her relation with Shahveer Jafry. For everyone’s knowledge, Noor gave a very clear cut answer and revealed that he is like a brother to her.

noor 1

In another question, she was asked about the most important things which she requires in a relationship. To which she replied, "Sab Kuch Hee.. respect, trust, compromise, loyalty, understanding and love."

noor 2

Well, we wish that Noor finds everything in a man like Shahveer who can fulfil her requirements. 

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