Shamoon Abbasi completes 25 years in the industry, says ‘I am extremely proud of my journey

Shamoon Abbasi completes 25 years in the industry, says ‘I will keep on striving for the best.’

Shamoon Abbasi completes 25 years in the industry, says ‘I am extremely proud of my journey
Shamoon Abbasi

Yes, Shamoon Abbasi is a great actor; outstanding would be the right word. But the fact that he remains approachable and humble despite his stature, is what impresses. The year 2021 is special for Shamoon as he completes 25 years in the business. Having made a special place in the industry, the actor will always remain a matter of celebration. He started his journey back in 1996 with Yasir Akhtar's popular telefilm 'Titlee' of Tapal Cinema. Ever since there has been no looking back for him. His performances in 'Kashish', '021', 'Bhai Log', 'Waar', 'Durj' and many more will always be etched in the memory of the audiences.  In an exclusive conversation with HNH Style, the actor speaks about his journey, his upcoming films and his honest intentions. Read on…

HNH: It’s been 25 years; how do you look back at your journey?

Shamoon Abbasi (SA): I am extremely proud of my journey. It’s been a long and challenging journey but I stood strong and worked hard. I made the right decisions throughout; didn’t mingle around with those members of the fraternity who apparently destroyed creativity. Allah Almighty has been very kind; I feel blessed that my fans and followers genuinely love me and my craft. 

HNH: How have you managed to sustain in the competitive industry?

(SA): For me, to be honest, there wasn’t any competition. From the beginning, I worked on different ideas by maintaining a good pace. The various genres I choose to explore as a director had ample space to satisfy my creative cravings. Usually, people play safe and showcase run of the mill domestic type of dramas. I never produced such content and focused on real stories. Unlike any other actor who wishes to climb aboard the ‘HERO’ bandwagon; I never played the hero. Instead, I established myself as the best villain of the industry. I believe, I have changed the pattern how villains were earlier depicted on TV and celluloid. I have transformed the face of the antagonist in Pakistan by bringing a global element to it. Not to forget, I have no completion to date. The entire credit goes to my fans for being consistent in showering their immense love on my craft to date.

HNH: How will you explain the difference between a star and an actor?

(SA): In recent times, it’s very easy to be a star. One has to buy followers for social media and please the brands and that’s about it. To be an actor, one has to be patient, work hard and earn success with meaningful performances.

HNH: With five films on your platter this year, would you say 2021 is your year?

(SA): I am very excited about all my films as they offer something new. The diverse genres will bring a much-needed change. I am sure that my versatile roles will leave a lasting impact on the audiences

HNH: What is different in the film ‘Delhi Gate’? 

(SA): ‘Delhi Gate’ is an (Awami) massy film. It has all the ingredients of an entertainer. ‘Delhi Gate’ is a twisted love story with loads of action. The name of my character is Malik Gold, he’s a thinking villain with a fancy look. The mass audience is growing with time; they are smart enough and well aware of what they want. I was willing to be a part of such films as they reach out to a wider section of audiences.  

HNH: Do you think biopics make an impact on the audience? How vital is your role in Chaudhry? 

(SA): ‘Chaudhry The Martyr’ is a biopic based on the life of late SP Chaudhry Aslam. We need to tell the world about the stories of our unsung heroes. I play a cop who was close to Chaudhry Aslam. The character which I am playing, died with Aslam during the highway blast. It’s a well-executed film with a great subject and ensemble cast. 

HNH: While filming 'Dhai Chaal’, how much research went into understanding the mind of Kulbhushan Jadhav? 

(SA): ‘Dhai Chaal’ is not just about Kulbhushan Jadhav; it also highlights how the big foreign powers strategize to destabilize Pakistan. I enjoyed working on the film; Ayesha Omer is paired opposite me. There are portions of the film still left to be shot; so, I can’t talk much about the final product.

HNH: Kamran Shahid's period drama 'Hue Tum Ajnabi' is in the works for quite some time. How was the experience of working in a costume drama? 

(SA): 'Hue Tum Ajnabi' is a mega project based on one of the most tragic chapters in the history of Pakistan (fall of Dhaka 1971). It depicts the sacrifices and struggles of those who lived through that era. I play a Bengali Army General of Mukti Bahini (Bangladesh liberation army). I was deeply affected by the historical backdrop; it was challenging to get into the skin of the character with the right accent. The film took some time to be completed as the makers did a lot of research to get the facts and figures correct. I must say the director Kamran Shahid is a great historian. (smiles)

HNH: Ishrat (Made in China) has an ensemble cast. What was that one aspect of the script that made you say yes to the action-comedy?  

(SA): My role in the film is a surprise; one thing is for sure that the audience will see me in a completely different avatar. The directions by Mohib Mirza are amazing. ‘Ishrat’ is one project that will draw the audience to theatres. 

HNH: What is ‘KD’ (The Web Series) all about? 

(SA): ‘KD’ will be a huge surprise for the digital audience in Pakistan. As of now, it’s in the works, so I can't reveal much about it. The digital platforms are the future; in fact, in some countries, it’s the main source of streaming content. It’s high time that we should start empowering our own OTT platforms.

HNH: Where do you go from here? 

(SA): I never stop; I will keep on striving for the best. No matter how much the industry pulls me down, I will keep on working hard for my fans and deliver content they always seek for.

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