Shaniera Akram Is Not Happy With People Calling Her A “Privileged White Woman”

Wasim Akram’s wife faced an uproar on her opinions.

Shaniera Akram Is Not Happy With People Calling Her A “Privileged White Woman”
Shaniera Akram

Shaniera Akram - the wife of legendary cricketer Wasim Akram and a social activist is known for standing up for Pakistan at many points; however, recently, she expressed her dismay over people still considering her a privileged celebrity wife. 

Pakistani Cricket Fans Were Left Heartbroken 

Recently, the New Zealand cricket team refused to play on home grounds in Pakistan due to security issues. The reason was announced globally, humiliating yet saddening for patriotic Pakistani locals who awaited this match. Soon after the denial from New Zealand cricket team, England also refused to play in Pakistan. Many celebrities internationally came forward to show their support and maintain the image of Pakistan worldwide, which was impacted after this decision of New Zealand’s team. Shaniera Akram was one of the activists to share her views about the security of Pakistan, and she claimed that she felt the safest in Pakistan; she tweeted, “There is no place in the world I feel safer.”

However, citizens did not like the idea of promoting an image of Pakistan and ignoring the real issues faced by locals.

Since Shaniera Akram calls herself a social worker and talks about every emerging issue in the country, the citizens expected her to be partial about the country's image due to the increase in femicide and extremism. Many pointed her out for living a luxurious life and not knowing what locals face every day. People dragged white privilege into the argument and labelled her as a celebrity wife. 

Shaniera Akram did not resist the criticism and lashed out at netizens labelling her.

The activist shared her justifications on her Instagram stories saying, “Do you not know I have spent ten years in Pakistan, fighting for the rights of our people, caring for those who are underprivileged and standing up for the country I have grown to love."

She cleared that she always tried to help the needy in Pakistan, and people should consider her part of Pakistan as she has spent ten years in the country. Shaniera is determined to stand on her words despite the criticism she is facing. 


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