Shaniera Akram Urges Women To Screen For Breast Cancer

Shaniera Akram Steps Forward To Educate Pakistani Women On Breast Cancer

Shaniera Akram Urges Women To Screen For Breast Cancer
Breast Cancer Month

October marks breast cancer awareness around the world. Not only awareness, recognition is the bigger variable in the equation as self-examination helps early diagnosis.

Celebrities and public figures world over step forward to help raise awareness and educate masses on the issue. Shaniera Akram has also stepped forward to speak about the cause. Focusing on the fact that critical nature of the disease, she reiterated the need for an annual breast examination.Shaniera Akram

In an Instagram post, she shared insights on the number of breast cancer cases in Pakistan, “Did you know that Pakistan has highest rate of breast cancer than any other Asian countries with a diagnosis of over 90 000 women every year!”

"Statistics show that an alarming 1 in every 9 women will develop breast cancer at some stage. This month is #BreastCancerAwarenessMonth #PinkOctober and as a nation of strong women, we need work together to spread more awareness and help save lives."

She clarified that the relevance to post a picture of a bra, "I am posting a picture of my bra in hope to get more attention directed to how important it is to get checked and be #breastaware! I respect our culture and values but for those who are not quite mature enough to handle me posting a pic of my bra, I want to remind you, it’s only a piece of clothing."

In Pakistan, reproductive issues and breast cancer awareness have prospered because they are considered off-limits in a cultural context.

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Shaniera Akram

Shecited the number of women that have died succumbing to breast cancer annually in order to encourage women to get examined and spread awareness among other women,"Let’s get real people, over 40,000 women die every year because we don’t have proper screening centres, are not testing regularly and certainly don’t have enough awareness about breast cancer, that’s why it’s up to us, to spread the word. We are proud to be women and knowing our bodies is so important to us all. We have the power to detect early stages of breast cancer and we can save our own lives by doing so."

"Don’t wait till it’s too late, go online and follow the instructions to give yourself a quick #breastCheck, know what to look for and encourage friends and family to do the same.But most of all, make sure if it’s been over 2 years, book an appointment with your doctor for an examination!"

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