Should Women Workout During Pregnancy?

Moms-to-be are often told to rest and not work let alone exercise, but exercising during pregnancy actually helps them in different ways.

Should Women Workout During Pregnancy?
Should Women Workout During Pregnancy?

Many moms-to-be are advised to rest and do minimum work in our desi culture. We have often heard mother-in-laws or the elders in a family even go as far as asking a working women to give up work when she is expecting a child, so the question of working out or exercising is perhaps even out of the equation.

But does working out harm an unborn child’s health?

According to different health experts, working out during pregnancy actually benefits the health of the mother and child. However, it is important to alter ones routine accordingly. For instance, if you were doing high intensity workout or weight training before pregnancy, it is advisable to go for workouts that are less intense.

Benefits of Exercising During Pregnancy

Feel and look better – Many women feel intense emotions during different stages of the trimester and exercising helps them in feeling better. It helps you sleep better and relieve any pains, such as, backache that you may be experiencing.

Preparing the body for child birth – Working out helps you gain strong muscles and fit heart that helps ease labor and delivery.

Helps regain pre-pregnancy body – If you have maintained an exercise routine throughout pregnancy then getting back to it to regain your pre-pregnancy body after delivery becomes relatively easier.

However, it is important to note the goal for working out during pregnancy should not be to lose weight but instead to stay fit and healthy.

More importantly, consult your doctor before exercising during the period and also about the workout routine you would like to consider opting for.