Shraddha Kapoor to Star in Mohit Suri’s Film for the Fourth Time

Shraddha Kapoor to Star in the Sequel of Malang 2

Shraddha Kapoor to Star in Mohit Suri’s Film for the Fourth Time
Shraddha Kapoor is Mohit Suri's pick for the sequel of Malang 2

After the successful business of the movie Malang which featured Aditya Roy Kapoor and Disha Patani, Director Mohit Suri has turned towards its sequel.

Reportedly, Mohit Suri has started working on the scripts of Malang 2 instantly. Whereas, rumors speculated that the director’s favorite actress will star in his next film who is none other than shraddha Kapoor.

This is a breaking news for all Shraddha's fans out htere that she will be appearing in Mohit Suri’s film for the fourth time.

People who have watched Malang can surely understand that the film has an open ending. Mr. Anil Kapoor’s character picked up an unknown call from a woman who asks him to report for a murder. Shraddha’s fans must have recognized the voice as it is hers. By this, we can conclude that Shraddha’s character will also be included in the sequel.

Director Mohit Suri gave hints about Ms. Kapoor’s character and said, “Did you recognise whose voice was there in the last scene? There was an interesting scene in the end, we will come out with the twist of that later.”

According to a source who revealed, “Mohit had also spoken to Shraddha for Malang but her dates back then couldn't be managed. Then, he went on for a completely fresh pairing with Disha and Aditya. Given their equation, when Mohit asked her to just step in for the little voiceover in the end, she immediately agreed. Of course, she was aware that this could spiral into a part two, which she would be leading. That discussion has already happened between Shraddha and Mohit. They will be reuniting once again after Half Girlfriend."

Noting down Shraddha and Mohit’s previous films together which includes Half Girlfriend, Aashiqui 2 and Ek villain.

Moreover, this film will also reunite Shraddha Kapoor to his debut hero Aditya Roy Kapoor after Aashiqui 2 and Ok Jaanu.