Singer Haroon Recalls How His Song ‘Mehbooba’ Was Shot in Egypt

A trip down the memory lane by the famed singer

Singer Haroon Recalls How His Song ‘Mehbooba’ Was Shot in Egypt
Haroon Rashid

One of the most admired singers of Pakistan industry, Haroon Rashid recalled and shared how he managed to shoot for his famous song ‘Mehbooba’ in Egypt. The iconic track was released in 2002 in his album Lagan.

The story behind the filming of his song ‘Mehbooba’ by the Great Pyramids of Egypt was revealed by the British-born singer recently in his Instagram post.  

He started by asking his fans, “Who remembers this one? When I recorded this song I thought wow I would love to shoot the video by the Pyramids.”

As things were planned by the Dil Say Pakistan singer to shoot the video for his solo song next to one of the greatest Wonders of the world, but unfortunately it didn’t work out!

The 47- year-old singer continued telling his story, “I randomly found a production company online in Cairo, immediately booked my ticket and just got on a plane and flew out there for 3 days.”


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Haroon was broken when the production company told that he couldn’t shoot for the video in Egypt, he recalled ,“In the end, they told me I couldn’t afford to shoot by the pyramids and it would cost hundreds of thousands of dollars; and that I should just shoot the video in Pakistan on a fake Egypt set. I was really devastated.”


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However, his luck took a new turn and eventually he got a chance to shoot as he desired. The singer told, “The day I was leaving they asked me to play them the song. When they heard it they LOVED it. The lady producer said I love this song so much I will make it happen no matter. She called in a favour from her best friend who was married to the owner of the local Cairo production company that worked on the film Lawrence of Arabia.”

Sharing how the stars came aligned for his music video, “I came back a couple of weeks later with the Pakistani film crew. Including directors Ahsen Rahim and Amena Khan. There were so many things that could have gone wrong but the stars aligned and this music video went on to be one of my solo biggest hits.”

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