Singer Haroon’s Wife Tells Her Love Story!

Haroon and Farwa Hussain - An Unconventional Fairytale!

Singer Haroon’s Wife Tells Her Love Story!
Haroon and Farwa Hussain

Singer Haroon Rashid, who tied the knot back in July 2020, had proposed marriage after only a few weeks of meeting, revealed wife Farwa Hussain on Saturday.

Farwa Hussain reminisced about her love story with husband Haroon on her Instagram. The couple has gotten a lot of attention after the news of their marriage was announced, as Haroon is much older than wife Farwa Hussain.

However, Farwa Hussain explained it as connection and companionship, that she had sensed from day one.  Farwa told her audience that Mehbooba star Haroon met her for the first time through mutuals in 2014. They kept in touch through each other’s social media and rarely texted each other but never thought of any love possibilities together.

Haroon and Farwa Hussain

The couple eventually met I 2020 and instantly knew that they were soul mates, as did not get a chance to hang out and properly get to know each other over the years. "We stayed in touch on social media and the phone [and] bumped into each other at different events a few times, "Farwa wrote on her Instagram,
"We made many plans but never got a chance to connect properly and got busy with our lives here and there," she added.


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However, luck was on their side as 2020 started because she and Haroon Rashid finally got to hang out and the love sparked as quickly as one could imagine, Farwa explains it as "Immediate connection”, said Farwa.

After that, things just kept going on in the two lovebirds' favor as they started to get to know each other better and thought of a life together. 


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Just a couple of weeks later, he surprised me with a proposal and confessed that he had liked me all along. I was pretty shocked and surprised in a happy way and said YES," she revealed, explaining how Haroon was completely head-over-heels for her.

Farwa Hussain shared some beautiful throwback pictures of her wedding and added, "the connection and understanding that I felt with him, I had never felt anything like that before in my life.” I knew this was it for me. I knew he was the one," she said, Farwa said on her Instagram.

We wish the sweet couple a stronger connection, love, health and happiness together!

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