Sirine Jahangir Becomes First Ever British-Pakistani To Reach BGT Semifinals

Britain's Got Talent Has Found An Unlikely Superstar in Sirine Jahangir

Sirine Jahangir Becomes First Ever British-Pakistani To Reach BGT Semifinals
Sirine Jahangir

No matter how many roadblocks are faced by some people, their determination and willingness to reach for the stars are undeterred. Such people are an inspiration for many others and their sheer dedication should be an example for the rest of us to follow suit. One such amazing and rising superstar is Sirine Jahangir.

The British-Pakistani is visually impaired but that has never come in the way of her willingness to aim for true artistry. The teen singer has reached the semifinal round of Britain’s Got Talent, the popular talent show. 

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For the unaware, Britain's Got Talent is a televised British talent show competition, and part of the global Got Talent franchise created by Simon Cowell. Every year, contestants of any age can audition for the televised contest with whatever talent they wish to demonstrate.

This year, the competition brought to light a visually impaired British-Pakistani who has left everyone stunned with her powerful vocals. Delivering soul-stirring performances, the 14-year-old visually impaired singer became the first-ever British-Pakistani to enter the show’s semi-finals.

Sirine Jahangir Becomes First Ever British-Pakistani To Reach BGT Semifinals

Sirine Jahangir had won over the hearts of judges as well as the audience with her unmatched talent and her inspiring story of how she lost her vision at the age of nine.

Sirine talked about her experience at the show and said:

"When I was walking towards the stage, the only thing I wanted was to do something that enables me to help people like me."

She added:

"I never ever expected any of this. I started taking music seriously at 10. My friends asked why I didn't perform and now I'm here and it's so incredible. I went to watch BGT last year with my friends and they asked me to give it a go. I thought I only perform for school shows and BGT is such a huge platform. I am happy that I have been able to put smiles on the faces of people through my music. It’s incredible,"

The superstar is inspired by Prime Minister Imran Khan and wants to follow in his footsteps. 

"I want to follow the footsteps of Imran Khan for charitable work. He has done so much good work in the field of charity. I am not in BGT to become a celebrity but to use the platform to carry out work that could help others and help me shine a light on the difficulties faced by people who suffer from disadvantages in life."

Sirine's father, Kafeel Jahangir said:

"Sirine has been really brave, courageous, and smart despite facing a difficult period. When she lost her sight, I knew at the time that the universe wants her to do something big."

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