Slum Dog Millionaire Actor Accused Of Sexually Harassing His Ex-Girlfriend

According to sources, Madhur Mittal tried to force his ex-girlfriend after break up

Slum Dog Millionaire Actor Accused Of Sexually Harassing His Ex-Girlfriend
Madhur Mittal

The Times of India reports that according to Indian Penal Code Article 354, B 354, 509, and 323, an FIR was registered against actor Madhur Mittal on February 23.

In the FIR, his ex-girlfriend accused Madhur Mittal of sexually abusing her at her residence in Mumbai on February 13.      

Sources told the Times of India that the two had mutual friends on social media, after which Madhur Mittal had also added her ex-girlfriend on social media.

Madhur Mittal

The sources further said that the two got to know each other and started dating.

Sources claimed that the two parted ways two months later, but Madhur Mittal could not bear the breakup.

"The girl was not in a position to talk to me. She had eye, neck, and lip injuries", lawyer Naranjani Shetty said in a statement.

"Madhur Mittal was shooting in Jaipur, after which he came to Mumbai and reached his ex-girlfriend's residence in Bandra on February 13", she added.

"I found out that the girl was beaten and sexually assaulted", she said.

Naranjani Shetty said she had personally gone to the Crime Against Women Cell (CAWC), who later called her and registered an FIR.

"You can't kill a woman, whether you've been in a relationship for two months or 20 years", she added.

The lawyer added that men need to accept 'NO', change their attitude towards such behavior, and be held accountable for their actions.

On the other hand, dismissing the allegations and calling them false, Madhur Mittal said these allegations negatively affected his reputation, family, and work.

"It's disconcerting to know about things that are completely false", he said.

Madhur Mittal said that WhatsApp messages are full of stories that are degrading his character.

"These messages have been forwarded by directors who cast me and are now refusing to work", the actor said.

"I have been the only earner in my household since I was 7 years old, and all such reports in the media are affecting me, my family, and my career in ways you can't imagine", he said.

Actor Madhur Mittal emphasized that one should not draw conclusions based on one-sided reports in the media.

"I believe in the law, and the truth will come out soon", he added.

The actor rose to fame with a 2008 release, Slum Dog Millionaire which was based on a novel by Indian author Vikas Swarup.

Actor Anil Kapoor also acted in the film while Madhur Mittal played Dev Patel's elder brother's role.

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