Social Media Reacts After FIR Is Registered Against Saba Qamar And Bilal Saeed

Qabool Music Video Controversy Takes Another Turn For The Worse

Social Media Reacts After FIR Is Registered Against Saba Qamar And Bilal Saeed
Saba Qamar and Bilal Saeed

Saba Qamar and Bilal Saeed have come under heavy criticism recently over some of the sequences that they shot at Wazir Khan mosque for the Qabool Hai music video. The actress and singer duo are in hot waters over dancing or twirling inside a place of worship.

The Qabool Hai music video is a collaboration between singer Bilal Saeed and actress Saba Qamar. Bilal Saeed is a Pakistani singer-songwriter, music producer, and composer. Since the beginning of his career in 2011, he has received various awards and nominations in Pakistan, India, and the United Kingdom.

Meanwhile, Saba Qamar is one of the most popular actresses and television presenters in Pakistan. She is the recipient of the Pride of Performance conferred to her by the Government of Pakistan in 2016 for her contribution in the field of arts and entertainment.

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Now, a case has been registered in Lahore against the famous actress and singer for shooting the video at the place of worship. The Akbari Gate police have registered the case on the complaint of lawyer Farhat Manzoor. The FIR has been registered under Section 295 (deliberate and malicious acts intended to outrage religious feelings of any class by insulting its religion or religious beliefs) of the Pakistan Penal Code.

Social Media Reacts After FIR Is Registered Against Saba Qamar And Bilal Saeed

Social media is invariably divided on the whole situation. While some see it as correct retribution for Saba Qamar and Bilal Saeed for 'violating the sanctity' of a holy place of worship. others see it as a personal vendetta against the actress since she is very vocal against the country's mullah brigade and especially since both artists publicly apologized for the video sequences and stood true to their promise that those sequences would not be part of the actual music video. 




However, after heavy criticism and the FIR booked against the duo, social media has come to the defense of Saba Qamar and Bilal Saeed and labeled the entire thing as a witchhunt.  

Host and comedian Shafaat Ali wrote:

"Section 295 for a twirl in a mosque, so much for the dream of a tolerant Pakistan. #SabaQamar #Bilalsaeed"


Junaid Akram tweeted:


Anchor Abdullah Sultan did not hold back as he expressed his views:

"The problem is not with the twirl, we have an issue with Saba Qamar, coz since she is an actress she must be a lesser Muslim than us. Seen hundreds of shoots at wazir khan n badhshahi mosque otherwise, no one objected on anything before but this time it was #SabaQamar #hawhaye"


 Some people asked relevant questions:




Watch the official video here and write to us in the comments below with what you think about the entire controversy.


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