Social Media Reacts To Iman Ali's Comments Regarding Feminism

Iman Ali's Remarks About Pay Disparity Cause Uproar

Social Media Reacts To Iman Ali's Comments Regarding Feminism
Iman Ali

Veteran model, singer, and actress, Iman Ali, who has seen her fair share of ups and downs over the past years, has caused quite an uproar on social media after making some remarks about feminism and pay disparity. 

A lot of social media users who looked up to Iman Ali are rethinking their stance after the model cum actress is again in the headlines for all the wrong reasons it may seem. It has all got to do with some controversial statements she made on Iffat Omar's already very controversial show. 

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A clip from the show started making rounds on social media, in particular, Twitter in which Iman Ali is sharing her thoughts on feminism, which is her absolute right to do so. However, her stance on the matter is riddled with loopholes and is totally contrary to what feminism actually is, or what it stands for, and that was enough to have social media in a complete meltdown.

When asked whether she believes in feminism, the Khuda Kay Liye star said:

"See, the definition (of feminism) unfortunately, I should not be talking about this because again, this is going to be super politically incorrect."

She continued, much to her fans' dismay:

"First, I think we should understand what feminism is. Feminism, to me, is to celebrate being a woman. Women trying to portray or become like men cannot be feminism because then you are negating your whole womanhood. So, trying to become a man is not feminism."

Social Media Reacts To Iman Ali's Comments Regarding Feminism

It doesn't end here sadly. Iman Ali then went on to comment on pay disparity in the entertainment industry saying that when a female actor demands an equal fee as her male counterpart, it's 'actorism', not feminism. "If you are as good as your male actor at your job, you deserve to be paid as much as your male actor."

"But when women try to become masculine and embarrass themselves in the name of feminism...But this isn't the right way. Feminism is not being portrayed correctly in the world; we are not getting it right. We are just annoying everyone now. Make them understand instead."

Social media went into a frenzy as one Twitter user remarked:

"Classiest actor of the Pakistani film industry for you."

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