Social Media Sensation Jannat Mirza Returns To Pakistan

Jannat Mirza Asks Fans To Pray For Her

Social Media Sensation Jannat Mirza Returns To Pakistan
Jannat Mirza

The Queen of TikTok has returned! Social media sensation Jannat Mirza has come back to Pakistan from Japan and her fans are quite ecstatic. Jannat, who rose to stardom through the popular social media app, TikTok, has continued her journey of success and stardom even after TikTok got banned in the country.

The popular social media app has done what no other app has achieved - it has given a voice to the unknown and so many normal people have benefited from it and risen to sky-high fame overnight, and Jannat Mirza is one such person who has benefited from the platform. 

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Jannat Mirza is undoubted, the queen of TikTok in Pakistan. Her supremacy on the social media app is unmatched as she reigns supreme with over 10 million followers, but the app has since been banned by the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority, much to the disappointment of the youth of the country, who see this as an attack to their freedom of speech. 

Social Media Sensation Jannat Mirza Returns To Pakistan

And now, the celebrated and much-loved Tiktoker has left her fans all excited as she broke the news of her return to Pakistan on Sunday after a few months' hiatus. 

Taking to her Instagram story, Pakistan’s newest social media sensation posted details of her flight from Tokyo and urged fans to remember her in prayers.

Social Media Sensation Jannat Mirza Returns To Pakistan

She also shared how she will miss the Japanese capital city the most. However, Jannat clarified that she had no intention of moving permanently to Japan, as previously perceived.

She said:

"A lot of channels and blogs had published headlines that 'Jannat Mirza is moving to Japan because of banning culture in Pakistan'. I never said that I was moving because of banning culture. I knew that TikTok was going to get unbanned since I was in contact with the company. I did make a statement about moving to Japan but it was after seeing countless reports about women children being raped in the country. The final draw for me was when an official said that the victim shouldn't have gone out in the first place."

She added:

"Anyway, I am not moving o Japan and coming back to Pakistan. But I will go back after a few months since after finishing my university in Pakistan, I want to pursue higher education."


Bye Bye Japan..Hello Pakistan❤️

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