Some Hairstyles That Can Lead You Towards Permanent Hair Issues

Look fashionable but do take care of your hair!

Some Hairstyles That Can Lead You Towards Permanent Hair Issues
Hair Issue

Girls love to try different hairstyles, so they follow many Youtube channels to try something new every day. Fashionable hairstyles might look cute, but they also increase the risk of headaches, and girls do not even know how much these hairstyles are costing them.


Girls usually like to have a ponytail, though it looks good, but having a ponytail all the time weakens hair roots, which is why hair starts falling out fast, and headaches are more common. Sometimes it's better to make a ponytail, but don't make it your habit.

Pony Tail


Most girls keep their hair open but wearing headbands can cause pressure on the back of the head and forehead. Constant pressure causes pain in these areas. In this case, the band should be removed immediately as it may cause blood flow to stop.


Tight Braid:

If you also make a stiff braid, do not make it too hard as it creates pressure on your skull, which can cause headaches and hypertension, so avoid making a braid by stretching.

Tight Braid


All women make buns by pulling the hair. This is the right hairstyle, but at the same time, if you apply hair clips or hair catcher, use it carefully because the hair will start to break if it gets stuck in the catcher. It also puts pressure on the brain, so be careful girls!

Bun Hairstyle

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