Sonu Nigam Gives A Big Statement About Kangana Ranaut

Sonu Nigam Says He ‘Chooses To Believe Her’

Sonu Nigam Gives A Big Statement About Kangana Ranaut
Sonu Nigam Lauds Kangana For Her Bold And Clear Stance

Sonu Nigam joins the queue of those celebrities who have extended their support to the firecracker Kangana Ranaut on ‘Insider and Outsider’ debate.

The ‘Kal Ho Na Ho’ singer opened the can of worms in an interview with Times Now by saying ‘he chooses to believe her.’  On that note, he added that he believes the allegations made by the actress against the filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt that he threw a sandal on her for refusing his film.

Moreover, the 46-year-old singer praised Kangana’s composed personality and her choice of taking bold stances, he said, “If she said that a sandal was hurled at her, then it must have happened.”

Adding more details to his conversation, Sonu opened up about the reason why he is picking to believe Kangana, he reiterates, “The people who could be wrong for her, may mean nothing to me. I have probably had no experiences, even though I have been working for them for last 25-30 years, but I might have none such experiences for those people. But if she is saying that they have done something to her which is as ugly as this, I choose to believe her because I don’t think people are so crazy that they will make up stories like that.”


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Earlier this month, a twitter battle took rage between Pooja Bhatt and Kangana Ranaut after which the ‘slipper’ topic was highlighted.

Team Kangana tweeted back on Pooja’s tweet about how Mahesh Bhatt gave chance to Kangana in his film ‘Gangster’ and brought up the ‘slipper’ story. 

 “Dear @PoojaB1972, #AnuragBasu had keen eyes to spot Kangana’s talent, everyone knows Mukesh Bhatt does not like to pay artists, to get talented people for free is a favour many studios do on themselves but that doesn’t give your father a license to throw chappals at her mad and humiliate her. He also announced her ‘tragic end’, Also why was he so invested in Sushant Singh Rajpoot’s and Rhea’s relationship? Why did he announce his end too, some of the questions you must ask him.”


A year ago, Kangana’s sister Rangoli who has always got her back tweeted in reply to Soni Razdan’s tweet, “Dear Soni ji, Mahesh Bhatt never gave her a break, Anurag Basu did, Mahesh Bhatt ji works as a creative director in his brothers production house... please note that he doesn’t own that production house, after Woh Lamhe when Kangana refused to do a film written by him called ‘Dhokha’ where he wanted her to play a suicide bomber he got so upset that he not only shouted at her in his office.”


Bringing up the ‘slipper’ discussion, Rangoli added, “but later when she went for Woh Lamhe preview to a theatre he threw chappal on her, he didn’t allow her to see her own film, she cried whole night .... and she was just 19years old.”

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