Sonu Nigam Praises Pakistani Talent Adnan Dhol and Hadiya Hashmi

The Pakistani Song 'Bol Hu' Brought tears in Nigam’s eyes!

Sonu Nigam Praises Pakistani Talent Adnan Dhol and Hadiya Hashmi
Sonu Nigam Loves 'Bol Hu' song by Hadiya and Adnan Dhol

Adnan Dhol and Hadiya Hashmi’s Nescafe Basement version ‘Bol Hu’ touched the heart and brought tears in the eyes of Indian singer Sonu Nigam.

In a recent video posted on his IG channel by the renowned Indian singer, the song Bol Hu touches Nigam's heart and soul. The caption shows his love for the song which stated, "An Exemplary Masterpiece"

The video started with the voice of the little talented daughter of Pakistan ‘Hadiya Hashmi’ taking an alaap, to which the Kal Ho Na Ho singer was out of words for her appreciation. He can be clearly seen wiping his tears as she continues her singing. Can you believe that an 8-year-old Pakistani girl can make the legendary singer weep? 


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After controlling his nerves, the singer continued with his video and said, “Buhat dino baad kuch touch kra ha dil ko (After a long time, something has touched my heart).”

The 47-year-old singer praises the composition of the song as Hadiya continues, he said, “Kiya Baat Hai..Kia Gaana Hai.. Kia gaaya hai.. kia likha ha..”

Giving his comments on Hadiya’s singing during the video, Nigam said, “Wow! Amazing.”

hadiya hashmi

Cutting the video and starting it again after the song, the Pardes singer said, “Buhat dino baad koi acchi chez suni ha (heard something really heart-touching after a very long time)”

Revealing that the song was sent to him by Javed Jaffery few months back, he said, “This song was sent to me by Javed Jaffery bhai.. I have heard it before but this time, I heard it through my heart and it has nailed it!”

Praising Pakistani talent and such songs which can make you emotional and weep at the same time is something rare nowadays, he said his heart out, “I can't believe that people are making this kind of music which can make you cry is something rare nowadays!”

The song Bol Hu brought tears in his eyes which he wasn’t expecting, “I didn’t expect that I will cry while listening to this song.”

Sending his best wishes to Adnan Dhol and Hadiya, Sonu reiterated, “God bless Hadiya and Adnan who sang this beautiful song and special thanks to Adnan who wrote the song too!”

adnan dhol

Showing his likeliness for the song, he concluded the 2 minutes 22 seconds video by revealing that he will re-play that song and will listen to it!

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