Stress Affects Our Memory: Easy Ways To Overcome Memory Loss

We will help you how to deal with stress!

Stress Affects Our Memory: Easy Ways To Overcome Memory Loss
Stress and memory loss!

Work load, peer pressure and inflation are some common reasons for excessive stress and burden nowadays. Although, a little bit of stress is alright as it keeps you motivated towards your goal and accept new challenges. But immense stress can cause damage to your health.


Apart from affecting our health and relationships, it is also related to our memory. According to few recent research works, stress and memory loss are directly proportional to each other. But the good thing is, we can still improve our memory under stress. Have a look here and find out how.

We need to understand first how stress and memory are connected. When we are stressed out, we are unable to form any short-term memories and then turn them to long-term ones. Point is that, stress puts a stop to learning.

Another research shows that high stress levels can increase cortisol secretion (a stress hormone). Noting that, it doesn’t mean that we can have memory loss due to this hormone.  

We get exhausted due to increased stress which may lead to cognitive impairment. This affects our ability to learn new things, trouble remembering, concentrating and taking daily life decisions.

But what to do when you are stressed to improve memory?

Follow these strategies to manage stress levels and improve memory.

Breathing exercise

Whenever you are stressed out, practice breathing exercises to remain focused and attentive. With this, imagine yourself reaching your goals. Surely, it will ease your stress and enhance memory.

breathe GIF


People with impaired memory due to stress should enroll themselves in aerobics program for 12 weeks.



Meditation is yet another way to improve memory as it increases mindfulness which can help lower stress levels.


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