Student Stress: How To Manage It In Five Minutes

Stress Management Tips For Students! By: Manahil Noman (Clinical Psychologist)

Student Stress: How To Manage It In Five Minutes
Stress Management

We all know what stress is so I am not going to go on and on about it. From feeling anxious before a presentation to asking parents for permission, it’s almost like a given and you might feel in those moments as if your world is ending. However, it’s never too late to save your ship from sinking. There are ways to cope with and manage your anxiety by following these five minute life-savers!

Do Your Best – That’s right! No matter how difficult the situation may be and how panicky it is making you feel, remember to give YOUR best. In those panicky times, you have to put things into perspective and be assertive by telling yourself that you are doing your best. You don’t have to do ‘the’ best; you have to do ‘your’ best. Instead of fulfilling the personal idea of ‘best’, just give your own best and that is it. Beyond that is not under your control.

Welcome Humor – Being open to humor and things that make you feel lighter definitely helps cope with stressful times! Having a good laugh can make your stress feel less overwhelming and would help lighten up the mood.

Take Deep Breaths – Before heading on to something that is making you feel nervous, panicky, stressed, or anxious, take a deep breath and count to 3 and then exhale. Deep breathing helps calm your body down and decrease your heart rate to a normal level. Remember to keep practice this regularly when you are in a calm state, so that your body becomes used to it. Deep breathing would help more in anxious states if your body is used to it.

Have Something To Look Forward To – Having something to look forward to at the end of the day could act as a motivator in getting over and done with things. Having to deal with stressful-panicky tasks can make you procrastinate and put them away until the last minute. Having something to look forward to and then rewarding yourself by it certainly helps in getting done with things earlier as you get to do the things you want to do after!

Accept That You Cannot Control Everything – Sometimes all you have to do is accept that some things are simply beyond your control. You just have to give your best in them, followed by self-assertive talk that you really did do your best. Of course there is nothing wrong with wanting to go further and being open to growth. Just be sure to do this in steps. Make a goal in your head like a to-do list and then follow that one goal each time the situation comes up. When you think you’ve conquered the last goal, then only move on to the next. This will not only help you grow, but will boost up your confidence. One step at a time!

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