Super-easy Homemade Eyebrow Wax And How To Use It

Homemade wax is a blessing in this COVID-time

Super-easy Homemade Eyebrow Wax And How To Use It
Easy homemade eyebrow wax to try during quarantine

As salon appointments have been called off in order to maintain social distancing, women are left with no other option than growing thick bushy eyebrows. One can experiment making eyebrows using waxing, plucking or trimming but it can be tricky and difficult as it can give an uneven result just by looking into the mirror. You will not only end up in uneven eyebrows but also it can give you a hard time. To avoid all this trouble, try your own homemade wax and save money and life too (as in covid-lockdown).

Method to make Your Own Eyebrow Wax

The ingredients can be taken from your kitchen so no need to go shopping for making a wax.

You will need flour, salt, honey and water. Remember the ratio, as many people you want to wax, use two or three tablespoons for each one of them.

Steps to make homemade wax

  • Add all the ingredients in a microwave safe bowl in equal amount.
  • Mix all the ingredients until a yellowish concoction is made.
  • If your concoction is runny, then let it be. It will be thickened upon heating.
  • Heat your concoction for 20-30 seconds in microwave.
  • Keep an eye as it gets heated because it will boil up when ready.
  • Carefully take out the bowl from microwave.
  • Let it cool for 10 minutes until it’s sticky.

How to apply wax

Things which are required

  • A Q-tip to apply wax
  • Strips of cotton fabric to apply pressure
  • Tweezers to remove left out hair

The first thing you have to do is to wash your face before applying the wax. Use the Q-tip to apply wax on the unwanted hair.

eyebrow Q-tip

Make sure the wax is evenly applied on all unwanted hair. Grab the piece of fabric cloth to exert pressure by running your finger over the cloth following the direction of hair growth.

eyebrow cloth


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On your left eyebrow, move from right to left and on right, move from left to right.

eyebrow direction

Let the wax sit for 15 minutes on the cloth. Pull the cloth gently against the direction of the hair growth. Check out for any hair left, use tweezers to remove.

eyebrow tweezers