Syra Yousuf Opens Up About Her Life Post-Divorce

Syra Says No Need to Feel Guilty for Her on Other’s Actions

Syra Yousuf Opens Up About Her Life Post-Divorce
Syra Yousuf Opens Up About Her Life Post-Divorce

A few days back, Shehroz Sabzwari and Sadaf Kanwal’s intimate nikah ceremony took the internet by storm. Shehroz received criticism for re-marrying just three months after his divorce from Syra Yousuf.

Although Syra received massive amount of support and appreciation, she did not speak anything about it and kept mum.

The Project Ghazi actress spoke on a candid session with the famed designer Hassan Sheheryar Yasin (HSY) on a live online session who himself posted it on Tuesday.

The Tanhaiyaan Naye silsilay star opened up about the art of moving on and the mother hood and parenting. During the discussion, when asked about the well-wishers and the close circle Syra replied, “There are quite a few actually. I can literally count them on my fingers like who are my well-wishers. Including my family – I can literally count them all on my finger tip.”

“It just goes to show you’re meant to be surrounded by a few people who will be there for you in any time of your life, who will support you and stand by you, and that’s really important. When it comes to sticking out, that is when people just run away,” Syra asserted.

When asked about how she manages her personal life with her only, she said, ”I need to maintain my sanity by keeping my personal life private.”

HSY asked about her post-lockdown life and things coming back to normalcy, she opened, “I am going to move forward with knowing that people’s actions towards me have nothing to do with me.”

The actress talked about parenting her daughter Nooreh and said, “We all go through things. I am not saying I can protect her from everything, there are ups and downs in life but I think what’s important is what you make out of them,” she continued. “It’s important to tell them what’s right and wrong. That’s how you nurture them.”


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She further added to her return to the showbiz, “I was actually in the middle of a couple of projects but then this (coronavirus pandemic) happened and now it’s just stuck. A film and a few dramas were in the pipeline as well. But I’m still reading scripts. I would love to come back on TV. I’m just waiting for a good script.”