Syra Yousuf Slays In Her New Styling Look

Syra Yousuf Surprises Fans With New Look

Syra Yousuf Slays In Her New Styling Look
Syra Yousuf

What happens when you remove the problematic men from your life for good? You glow and become even more gorgeous than ever. The same is the case with Syra Yousuf. Divorce has been kind to the lovely and stylish model cum actress as she keeps dropping one sizzling look after another that leaves her fans' jaws firmly on the floor.

Syra is counted among the most beautiful women in Pakistan and is considered to be one of the top models in the fashion and showbiz industry of the country. She boasts millions of fans who absolutely adore the model's natural beauty and elegance. 

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The Mera Naseeb actress keeps surprising her fans with one sizzling photoshoot after another. She has over 1.5 million followers on Instagram and fans are treated to the model's gracefulness and elegance time and again.

Syra Yousuf Slays In Her New Styling Look

Syra's fans shower love and praise upon the actress and have always been firmly behind her ever since her divorce got public. They feel that she has been hard done by and deserves a lot better. Judging by her new glowing look, we think she is doing just fine on her own!

The model cum actress posts various lovely photos on her Instagram page of herself and her daughter, Nooreh.

However, Syra's fans were left stunned today, by her latest pictures, which were soon going viral on other social media sites too. 

Fashion stylist Palwasha Yousuf posted some mesmerizing photos of Syra Yousuf and captioned them:

"A beautiful blend of highlights and lowlights for the gorgeous S !!"

 Palwasha is Syra's sister and she shared her new look with her fans and followers.

Syra Yousuf also took to her Instagram and posted a photo, which has since garnered over 100,000 likes!


????????‍♀️ - - @palwashayousuf

A post shared by Syra Yousuf (@sairoz) on

Recently, the elegant star was spotted in a new advertisement. She looked absolutely stunning in a red royal dress and her styling was done by Mavi Kayani. 

Syra Yousuf Slays In Her New Styling Look

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