Syra Yousuf's Response To Criticism

Her Fans Lauded Her Flawless Skin Though!

Syra Yousuf's Response To Criticism
Syra Yousuf

A picture of Syra Yousuf went viral on social media in which she was getting ready for a shoot from her sister's salon.

Some fans criticized and said they found out what Syra's skin looked like when they zoomed in by mistake.

syra yousuf

Some said that Syra had damaged her skin, while some said she forgot to photoshop today, but some fans liked her skin and makeup very much.

syra yousuf story

The actress also responded to this criticism from her fans by sharing her picture on her Instagram story in which she looked very simple, and she also wrote that she likes her skin very much. Not only this, but the actress also used the hashtag 'No Filter' in her picture

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