Table Manners - Are You Aware Of That?

Basic Etiquettes While Dining Out!

Table Manners - Are You Aware Of That?
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Many essential things in life weren’t taught to us when we were in kids, but we learn throughout our lives. And there is no shame to get to know some basic things you did not know until now. One Such thing is ‘table manners’. There are many rules for dining that we are not aware of. It does seem like it’s royal, but nay, it’s basic. The fact is, we realize this a little late. 

Eating Spaghetti


Lack of table manners can cost your reputation which you won’t let it happen.

Therefore HNH brings you some authentic table manners that you can follow. 


No Elbows On The Table

Try not to put your elbows on the table as this is not considered a good thing to do. Keep your hands below the table while seated. 

Eating Pizza

Gulp Then Talk

Never talk while chewing. Give it a pause, swallow whatever you are eating then make a conversation. No one wants to hear your story with that filled mouth. 

Mouth Full of Meal

Dont Make Noise

Eating while your mouth open is not a polite thing to do. Shut your lips so that it does not make a sound. Trust me, that is disturbing.

Deepika Padukone Weird Expressions

Talk With Cutlery 

There are signs of the cutlery from which you can have a small conversation or give a short message to the waiter or the chef. The signs can be put on the plate using a fork and knife. It is supposed to be used to give the food remarks, either you like it or not. 

The Language Of Cutlery

No Toothpicks 

Do not use a toothpick or dental floss on the table; it is awkward. If you feel like a need to check, then use a washroom. There are restaurants where you can find toothpicks and floss in the restroom. 


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