Tea Is Fantastic: Ali Gul Pir Pays Tribute To 4 Trees

On February 27, 2019, The Pakistan Air Force Shot Down Indian Planes

Tea Is Fantastic: Ali Gul Pir Pays Tribute To 4 Trees
Tea Is Fantastic

The Pakistan Air Force shot down Indian planes that violated the country's airspace, and their pilot Abhinandan was arrested.

A video was released of the downed Indian Air Force plane's arrested pilot, in which the Indian pilot described himself as "I am Wing Commander Abhinandan Indian Air Force officer", and his service number is 27981. However, he declined to provide further details in the video.

After this, another video of the arrested Indian pilot came to light in which Abhinandan had just thanked the captains and soldiers of the Pakistan Army for rescuing him and praised their behavior.

In the released video to the media of the arrested Indian pilot, Abhinandan had a cup of tea, praised the Pakistan Army's attitude, and said that the behavior of the soldiers and officers of the Pakistan Army is impressive.

After the pilot's arrest, Prime Minister Imran Khan had announced that we would release the detained Indian pilot for peace.

Singer and comedian Ali Gul Pir has paid tribute to the 4 trees affected by the Balakot incident through a comedy song.

"Two years ago, we lost four trees in a terrorist attack. This is a tribute to them from me", Ali Gul Pir said.

He sings about fantastic tea and the trees that fell due to the Indian incursion into Pakistan on February 26.

Regarding the song, Ali Gul Pir said that the song is a celebration of Pakistan's peace, diplomacy, and goodwill.

"Let us celebrate this day as Fantastic Tea Day, where we are still standing by our decision to return Abhinandan and prevent a nuclear confrontation", he said.

Ali Gul Pir also said that he has a lot of respect for those in uniform regardless of which side of the border they belong to.


"We have a lot of respect for the military personnel of any country, who risk their lives for the security and prosperity of their nations, whether they are from Pakistan or not", the singer said.

"Returning a pilot and encouraging peace is a sign of our country's bravery and victory", he reiterated.

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