The 5 Super Bag Trends Of Spring/Summer 2020

We will tell you what is trending in handbags

The 5 Super Bag Trends Of Spring/Summer 2020
The 5 Super Bag Trends Of Spring/Summer 2020

Women all around the world can relate to this statement which says ‘Going to another place without handbags is hard.'

Both phases of a woman’s life pre-marriage and post marriage depend upon the handbags. Pre-marriage, sleek bags are used and post marriage big sac like bags for keeping all the irrelevant stuff.

Somehow, handbags are not used for carrying daily items but also for styling purpose.

So let’s begin with this question, are you a realistic or fantasist? Reason behind this question is as it’s a toss-up when it comes to spring/summer trends. It is perfectly alright if you wish to relate to both camps- after all who likes to be compartmentalize. Instead, rejoice the fact that you have various options to pick.

Here are 5 super bag trends for this spring-summer.

1) Mini Pouch:

This category is the most interesting one as you need to get your magnifying glasses ready. This time, the designers took the mini bag trend to new mini proportions.



Dolce & Gabbana

Well, barely you can hold a coin or make a mark on the palm of your hand. These mini bags can replace necklace as they vibrant and sleek.

2) Rainbow Brights:

Summers would not be complete without multicolored bright colors. Kelly green, tangerine orange and classic cobalt blue have made their way in the ready-to-wear stakes. Quilted chanel will be a good idea to keep but Fendi take on its Peekaboo style in woven yellow leather.




3) The Super Sac:

It is not necessary that the silhouette hits the runways as this summer’s shape is super slouchy sac bag. From Hermès’ slinky scarf silk style to Gabriela Hearst- these bags are big, really big!



Gabriela Hearst

4) Clutch Focus:

First-up there’s Givenchy spacious but sleek slouch clutch in a variety of colors. The clutch-look with more two-in-one strap bags looks trendier. For the hug-and-tuck technique, Alexandar McQueen and Hugo Boss’s Spring/summer 2020 are the best.



Alexandar McQueen


Hugo Boss

5) The Bucket Bag:

The bucket bags are all-time favorite. No matter what time of year it is, you will find it more or less in every work place. Neutral hues that go with everything will be the most timeless purchases.