The 80/20 Rule – Clear Your Clutter!

How To Move Closer To Your Goals By Manahil Noman (Clinical Psychologist)

The 80/20 Rule – Clear Your Clutter!
The 80/20 Rule

Have you ever walked into a messy house? If you have then you might know how it feels to walk in it. There are several things coming on the way and you cannot simply just walk! Just like that, there are things in our life also that come in the way when we are trying to achieve our goals. This may be happening when you are overloading yourself with things which do not need to be paid much attention to because they are coming in the way of your goals!

The 80/20 rule works like this: 20% of your activities will determine 80% of your results. This means that the activities that you indulge in, only 20% of them will actually lead you to the productive results. So what you have to do here is see which 20% activities you indulge in are moving you closer towards your goal and leave out the rest of 80% activities that are not.


How do we do this?

Make a list – Making a list of all the things you take part in and then rating them as 20 and 80 will give you clarity. You can label activities that require more focus as ’20’. This will help reduce the mess you do not need and will help in moving you closer to your desired goals.

However, ladies, this does not mean that you completely throw 20 rated stuff out of your life. You would need that mess at times as forms of relaxation to unwind. So what you can do is, prioritize those rated 80 activities and keep the rated 20 ones for your free time. You could be using Facebook or reading newspaper headlines. The thing here is keeping the rated 20 ones in limit because the excess of anything could possibly lead to procrastination and we all know what happens when we procrastinate! It could lead to feelings of stress and anxiety stemming from thoughts such as,“Will my task complete on time?” or “Will I be able to complete my task at all?” This can cause stomach pains, headaches, and tension in your body. This is exactly what the 80/20 rule is about. If procrastination comes in the way, it would mean that the mess is still coming in the way of your goals.

Take Sometime for yourself

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