The Art of Letting Go

How to handle grief and loss

The Art of Letting Go

We all know that letting go of someone is easier said than done. Be it the passing away of a loved one, losing a relationship with someone, losing a pet, or simply graduating school, letting go can be devastating. In our lives, we are constantly marking the end to older phases so that we can move on to the next phases. It’s like a book, one chapter ends to start the next one.

We all have a tendency to hold on to the past in a way that we look at it as if it had everything we wanted and somehow the present entirely deprives us of good things we had in our lives before. This can get unhealthy and can create hindrance in our growth and the ability to move forward. A balance has to be created between grieving what is gone and focusing on where we stand now and what we want to achieve.

This article is about how we can create that balance and learn to let go in beautiful ways:

Write to the lost - We can do this in various ways. Writing a letter to someone we have lost and expressing the things we appreciated in the relationship can help. It is not necessary to send it to the person. We can keep it to ourselves. We can even write a letter and leave it at a place which reminds us of them.

Cry when it’s needed – We all should know that it’s okay to grieve. Our bodies and minds know when they need to grieve so instead of trying to avoid it, know that it is okay to cry it out. Don’t place “should”s and “should not”s on yourself or make yourself time bound. Know that grief can hit at any time, even if it seems “socially inappropriate”, and let it come out. It’s the only way it will get out of your system. Accept what is happening instead of running away from it and give yourself attention when you need to cry.


Focus on the gain – Have you ever heard that when one door closes, another opens? Focusing on the opportunities that we have in the present moment helps create a good balance between grieving the past and making use of present opportunities. Ask yourself these: What can I do that I have not done before? What can I now create for myself in my career? The loss of a job, someone close, or the tragic passing of a loved one, serves as a tough time for anybody going through it. Focusing on the possibilities and dreaming big to turn our plans into reality will help.

I am aware that even spending one day in such a situation can be very difficult but just know that when it is the end of something, chances are that a part of you will always miss the loss deep down and that’s okay. The key here is to take control of it, grieve it when it calls for it, and then focusing on the present opportunities so that the grief doesn’t start controlling you instead of you controlling it. After you are done letting out your grief, go do something you enjoy. Treat yourself! Go out for a walk, do crafts, write something, read a book. Do what you like!