The Benefits Of Mindfulness

Stop what you are doing right now and breathe!

The Benefits Of Mindfulness
The Benefits Of Mindfulness

Have you been working on a task while simultaneously keeping an eye on the kids as well as the cooking pot? Or have you been working on an assignment while also juggling texts from your friends about weekend plans and collecting documents to drop off at the office later? In a fast world like todays, we barely get to stop for a minute and breathe. In the midst of completing these necessary tasks, we miss out on our connection with the present moment – what we are doing and how we are feeling. 

This stopping and catching up on the present moment is necessary and it is called Mindfulness. Mindfulness can be described by the practice of consciously focusing our attention on what is happening in the here and now and accepting it without any kind of judgment. 

Mindfulness has scientifically proven to be of benefit. Below are some of them:

1)    Mindfulness For A Focused And A Clearer Mind: 

Mindfulness helps to have a more focused and clearer mind, free of endless thoughts. This helps boost creativity, have clarity during stressful times, have an improved memory, to be more present during important moments, have better control over negative thoughts when unpleasant events occur, make it easier to deal with difficult emotions, have more energy, and have a better concentration level on tasks. Even during conflicts/arguments, it helps to see things more clearly without people’s judgments being clouded by negative thoughts and emotions. It also helps to feel connected to other people in gatherings. 

2)    Mindfulness For Self-Awareness:

Since mindfulness owns the ability to accept thoughts and feelings without judging them, it allows one to really see what thoughts and feelings are coming in their way. The concept of mindfulness is based on the idea that thoughts are meant to pass and one does not have to believe every thought they have. This helps one become aware of the thoughts and feelings that pass by instead of believing them and acting upon them or having conflicts with other people based on them. In many cases, it helps identify negative thoughts that can make one realize their negative assumptions and those negative thoughts can later be challenged to turn into more positive thoughts, hence, leading to a better life with better relationship(s) with the self as well as with other people. 

3)    Mindfulness For Regulating Emotions:

The biggest problem in dealing with emotions comes from acting on them. An example of this is saying things one does not mean when he/she is angry. Mindfulness helps in regulating our emotions firstly by calming us down and secondly by increasing our capacity to deal with uncomfortable emotions. When our capacity to deal with these uncomfortable emotions is enlarged, we are less likely to let our emotions control us and make us act on them. 

4)    Mindfulness For Mental Health: 

Mindfulness plays a huge role in the treatment of problems such as depression, substance abuse, eating disorders, anxiety, and obsessive compulsive disorder. It is being used as a combination with psychotherapies, especially with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy techniques.

5)    Mindfulness For Well-Being: 

Mindfulness helps one become fully engaged in activities, and savor the pleasures of life, that is notice what is going right and appreciate it. Remember that this is not the same as pretending to be happy. It’s about noticing the positives, no matter how little they may seem and to appreciate them. Mindfulness also creates capacity to deal with unfavorable events. Since mindfulness is solely based on the here and now, people who practice it find that they get less caught up in worries about the future and regrets over the past. 

6)    Mindfulness For Physical Health:

Mindfulness helps relieve stress, lowers blood pressure, reduces chronic pain, improves sleep, can be used as a treatment for heart disease and gastrointestinal difficulties.


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